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Ultrashort Pulse Laser Technology: Laser Sources and Applications

Ultrashort pulse lasers (USP lasers) are of great value to science, and this is one area where femtoscience is already making steady and tangible achievements. The idea of an ultrashort pulse is one of the most promising and developed new concepts in femtotechnology today.
Ultrashort pulse lasers provide sufficient output power for industrial applications. Such fiber lasers offer pulse lengths in the range from some 10 picoseconds to some 100 femtoseconds. Ultrashort pulse lasers can be used for laser cutting, drilling, laser making of surface treatment applications. The above-mentioned fiber lasers are also known as ultrafast lasers. However, it should be noted, ultrashort pulse lasers should not be called “ultrafast”, because they are not faster (do not have a higher velocity) than longer pulses. They do, however, make it possible to investigate ultrafast processes, and can be used for fast optical data transmissions. Common current scientific laser systems based on ultrashort pulse laser technologies include Ti: Sapphire lasers and dye lasers.
The first Egyptian scientist to ever win a Nobel Prize in a science-related field is named Ahmed Hassan Zewail. He is also known as the Father of Femtochemistry. Using ultrashort laser flashes, he invented a technique to observe and describe such chemical reactions at the time intervals so short, the various transition states of matter can be peered into. This level of observation opened up the entire field of femtochemistry because fiber lasers are amazingly effective tools in a vast number of fields. We use fiber lasers everywhere from medical operations (in eye surgery, for instance) to manufacturing plants in high-powered laser cutters. However, it must be emphasized, lasers get hot, but since lasers are so fast, the surface does not even have time to heat before the work is already done. It means, in other words, the target of the laser is vaporized before your reaction time tells you it is even begun. This is called “cold ablation”. One of the biggest challenges was converting this technique from a special advanced laboratory tool, into a machine that could be used on the manufacturing floor. This conversion was made by German scientist Jens König, Stefan Nolte, and Dirke Sutter, working for technology Bosch. For this, they were awarded the German Future Prize 2013. Cold ablation techniques are currently being used in more manufacturing plants across the world.
Ultrashort pulse fiber lasers are one of the most practical high-power lasers and are now used as laser sources in a variety of laser applications. Such fiber lasers are used as practical and functional laser light sources: they are stable, compact, and practical.
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