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DUV Fiber Lasers​

Deep Ultraviolet Single-frequency 257.5, 266 nm fiber lasers

Optromix QSYL

The Optromix QSYL ultraviolet fiber laser system is based on a single-frequency green fiber laser and an external cavity using a BBO crystal.


● 257.5 nm, 266 nm (Custom: 257.0 nm, 273.25 nm)

Linewidth (FWHM):

● < 400 kHz

Output Power:

● 10 mW, 20 mW, 50 mW, 150 mW

DUV lithography is commonly associated with the use of Argon-Ion and Excimer lasers where inert gas mixtures are used to emit different wavelengths in the UV range. Optromix company proposes to replace gas lasers in lithographic equipment with a unique continuous-wave DUV laser system based on a powerful single-frequency IR laser with further output of the 4th harmonic.

To work with photomasks and some FBG types, wavelengths below 260 nm are required, previously obtained using gas lasers. At the moment, an energy efficient 257 nm fiber-laser system can be used. Optromix QSYL system consumes an order of magnitude less energy and does not use gas mixtures.

Optromix offers a DUV fiber laser system with the wavelength of 257 – 257.5 nm with an output power up to 300 mW. The QSYL fiber laser system is built using a CW SLM powerful IR fiber laser, equipped with a frequency doubler and a high-performance BBO-crystal fourth harmonic generator.

Optromix DUV fiber laser systems have a number of optical qualities such as High Beam Quality (< 1.1), High Pointing Stability, Ultra-Narrow Linewidth, etc. Other characteristics of fiber lasers, such as low power consumption, air cooling and excellent reliability allow DUV fiber lasers be applied in industrial DUV lithography and FBG inscription systems.

Applications of Fiber Lasers

Optromix, established in 2004, has extensive experience in the manufacturing of advanced fiber lasers and amplifiers, based on the international studies and patents of world renowned specialists.

Advanced Fiber Lasers for Your Application

Competitive pricing

Our company offers innovative fiber lasers and amplifiers, while keeping the best prices on the market

Wide experience

Since its establishment in 2004, Optromix has become an expert in designing of single-frequency seed fiber lasers and single-mode fiber amplifiers

High standards and reliability

In the manufacture of fiber lasers and amplifiers, our specialists comply with the top-notch regulations and requirements