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Optromix QSYL

DUV CW Single-frequency 257.5 nm (266 nm, 273 nm) Fiber Laser System

Based on the single-frequency green fiber laser, Optromix QSYL CW ultraviolet laser system is an excellent replacement of gas lasers and DPSS lasers due to its compact size, air cooling, high reliability, and low power consumption.
Optromix QSYL laser system consists of the electro-optical unit of the Optromix DSY green fiber laser, the optical unit including the External Cavity Frequency Doubler using a BBO crystal, and the Automatic Frequency Control Unit. Optromix QSYL can be computer controlled via USB connection using software supplied with the device. This extra-precision laser is perfect for UV Spectroscopy, DUV Lithography, FBG Writing, and Photomasks Repair.


Operating modeCW, Single-frequency, TEM00
Central Wavelength257.5 nm, 266.0 nm, 273.2 nm
Max. Output Power20 mW, 50 mW, 100 mW, 150 mW
Linewidth (FWHM)< 200 kHz
Beam Quality, M2< 1.05
Power Tunability20 – 100 %
Power Stability< 1%
Electric Power Consumption< 500 W
CoolingForced Air

Key features


Product modifications

CW Single-frequency 257 nm Fiber Laser System Optromix QSYL-257, 20 – 150 mW

CW Single-frequency 266 nm Fiber Laser System Optromix QSYL-257, 20 – 150 mW

CW Single-frequency 273 nm Fiber Laser System Optromix QSYL-257, 20 – 150 mW

Product Code: Optromix QSYL-2xx-yyy

xx-Wavelength (nm):yyy-Output Power (W):
57 – 257.5 nm020, 050, 100, 150
66 – 266 nm
73 – 273.2 nm

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