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Single-mode Fiber Lasers
(TEM00 Mode)​

Single-mode 1.5 µm, 1 µm, and Green fiber lasers

Optromix PME, SME, PMY, SMY

The Optromix PME, SME, PMY, and SMY models are CW single-mode fiber lasers providing a high power stability with polarized and unpolarised output.


● Any: 1530 nm – 1580 nm
● Any: 1030 nm – 1122 nm
● Any: 515 – 561 nm

Linewidth (FWHM):

● < 0.3 nm (Custom: < 0.1 nm)

Output Power:

● IR: 1 W – 50 W
● Green: 150 mW – 6 W

Single-mode fiber laser is a laser where a wave propagates along one longitudinal axis. It consists of a diode pumped fiber cavity, and a fiber amplifier, usually based on Fabry-Perot etalon. This type of fiber lasers belongs to the single spatial mode fiber laser that is referred to as TEM-00 mode.

The spatial mode structure is defined by the ridge width of the waveguide. It, in turn, depends on the laser wavelength. Due to the absence of thermal lensing effect in an optical cavity, fiber lasers retain the quality of the beam mode and beam divergence over the entire range of the output power regulation.

Optromix provides single-mode Erbium (1.5 um) and Ytterbium (1 um) fiber lasers with a linear polarized or an unpolarized output. Company offers the turn-key single-mode fiber lasers within the ranges of 1530 – 1580 nm and 1030 – 1122 nm as well as their second harmonics. The optical output of the standard versions involves an isolator before a fiber output cable terminated by a FC/APC connector or a collimator.

Due to their characteristics, Optromix fiber lasers demonstrate high wavelength stability and high beam quality. Optromix laser modules are compact, reliable, accurate, and due to their temperature stability, have a reduced risk of thermal damage.

Applications of Fiber Lasers

Optromix, established in 2004, has extensive experience in the manufacturing of advanced fiber lasers and amplifiers, based on the international studies and patents of world renowned specialists.

Advanced Fiber Lasers for Your Application

Competitive pricing

Our company offers innovative fiber lasers and amplifiers, while keeping the best prices on the market

Wide experience

Since its establishment in 2004, Optromix has become an expert in designing of single-frequency seed fiber lasers and single-mode fiber amplifiers

High standards and reliability

In the manufacture of fiber lasers and amplifiers, our specialists comply with the top-notch regulations and requirements