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CW Single-frequency 1.5 µm Fiber Lasers

Optromix SFEX

The Optromix SFEX model is a turn-key single-frequency fiber laser system where control electronics and power supply are integrated with a seed laser and a power amplifier.

Optromix SFEXM

The Optromix SFEXM is a compact size single-frequency fiber laser designed in an OEM Module form factor including a DFB seed laser and a fiber amplifier.

Optromix SFESM

The Optromix SFESM is an 1.5 um ultra-narrow linewidth single-frequency DFB fiber laser Module intended for use as a seed laser source in different systems.

CW Single-frequency 1 µm Fiber Lasers

Optromix SFYX

The Optromix SFYX is a 1 um single-frequency fiber laser system. It combines a control electronics and power supply integrated with an ultra-narrow linewidth seed laser and a power amplifier.

Optromix SFYSM

The Optromix SFYSM is a single-frequency Ytterbium ultra-narrow linewidth DFB fiber laser module consisting of a seed laser and a pre-amplifier.

CW Single-frequency 780 nm (775 nm, 778 nm) Fiber Lasers

Optromix DSEL

The Optromix DSEL is a 775 – 785 nm range single-frequency ultra-narrow linewidth fiber laser system including a seed-laser, a fiber amplifier, and a frequency doubler unit.

CW Single-frequency 515 nm (532 nm, 546 nm) Fiber Laser

Optromix DSYL

The Optromix DSYL is a 515 – 556 nm range single-frequency ultra-narrow linewidth fiber laser system including a seed-laser, a fiber amplifier, and a frequency doubler unit.

Single-frequency Distributed Feedback (DFB) fiber laser is a fiber laser the seeder of which has a fiber cavity comprising a periodic structure that stands as a distributed reflector within the specific spectrum of wavelengths.

The cavity represents a distributed Bragg reflector. It is made up of two fiber Bragg gratings generating a single-longitudinal-mode (SLM) emission. Usually, there is a phase shift evenly distributed from both sides, in the middle.

Optromix manufactures its own DFB seed fiber lasers in the Erbium (1.5 um) and Ytterbium (1 um) wavelength ranges, and also, using fiber amplifiers and the second, third, and fourth harmonics generators, offers ready-made lasers with wavelengths within the ranges of 1540 – 1575 nm, 1028 – 1112 nm, 770-785 nm, 514 – 556 nm, 354 – 355 nm and 257 – 266 nm. The laser design allows you to tune the wavelength in the range of up to 1 nm using the temperature setting of the seeder. Built-in piezo actuator provides fast piezo tuning with modulation up to 10 kHz.

Optromix single-frequency DFB fiber laser sources are single-mode (TEM00), Mode-hop-free, low RIN noise, and excellent wavelength stability. They are reliable, have high performance, and are easy to use. OEM module versions can be easily integrated with various optical devices.

Applications of Fiber Lasers

Optromix, established in 2004, has extensive experience in the manufacturing of advanced fiber lasers and amplifiers, based on the international studies and patents of world renowned specialists.

Advanced Fiber Lasers for Your Application

Competitive pricing

Our company offers innovative fiber lasers and amplifiers, while keeping the best prices on the market

Wide experience

Since its establishment in 2004, Optromix has become an expert in designing of single-frequency seed fiber lasers and single-mode fiber amplifiers

High standards and reliability

In the manufacture of fiber lasers and amplifiers, our specialists comply with the top-notch regulations and requirements