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CW Single-frequency 1 µm Fiber Laser OEM Modules

Optromix SFYSM model is the single-frequency low noise 1 µm wavelength fiber laser module with wide-range thermal wavelength tuning and fast piezo tuning using an external PZT driver. The SFYSM key feature is the ultra-narrow linewidth based on the longitudinal single mode. In the standard version, this model provide an optical output using a PM fiber patch cord with an FC/APC connector. This module are controlled via an Ethernet port or via an RS-232 connector using a software supplied with the device. API documentation is provided.


ParameterOptromix SFYSM
Operating ModeCW, Single-frequency, TEM00
Standard Wavelength1030 nm, 1064 nm, 1093 nm, 1107 nm, 1112 nm
Custom Wavelength1030 – 1120 nm
Thermal Wavelength Tuning Range10.5 nm
Linewidth (FWHM)< 100 kHz
Nominal Output Power30 – 40 mW
Power Stability2< 1% (typical <0.5%)
Beam quality (M2)< 1.05 (typical <1.02)
Piezo Tuning Range3> 80 MHz/V
Wavelength Modulation3Up to 10 kHz
PolarizationLinear (PER > 23dB)
RIN level (peak:app 0.7 MHz)< -110 dB/Hz@peak,
< -140dB/Hz@10MHz
Output Optical IsolatorYes
Optical Output4Fiber cable terminated by an FC/APC connector
1. Optionally up to 1 nm
2. Over 8 Hours with base temperature constant within 0.2 0C after 30 minute warm-up
3. External PZT Driver 0-100V, Modulation up to 10 kHz
4. Optional Output: The output type can be replaced by the customers' request

Key features


Product modifications

CW Single-frequency 1 µm Fiber Laser Module Optromix SFY-1030-S, 40 mW

CW Single-frequency 1 µm Fiber Laser Module Optromix SFY-1064-S, 40 mW

CW Single-frequency 1 µm Fiber Laser Module Optromix SFY-1093-S, 40 mW

Product Code: Optromix SFY-10xx-S-yyyy

xx-Wavelength (nm):S-dimensions:yyyy-Output Power (W):
30 – 1030 nmS – 119 mm x 23.5 mm x 238 mm0040 – 40 mW
64 – 1064 nm
93 – 1093 nm

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