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Fiber lasers technology applications for cancer operations

Fiber laser technology has already become one of the most powerful instruments in medicine, and cancer treatment is not an exception. Laser therapy represents an intensely focused laser beam for
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The diversity of fiber laser applications in medicine

Many articles about lasers that can be found on the Web are about high-power fiber lasers, which are showy, associated with science fiction, and are commonly used in industry. However,
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Fiber lasers for aesthetic treatments

It is not a secret that fiber lasers have rapidly become one of the most popular instruments, thanks to all the benefits they offer. They have influenced many spheres such
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Most common applications of the fiber laser systems

Nowadays, fiber laser systems can provide a number of applications in different spheres such as the military, industry, medicine, etc. Thanks to the fast fiber lasers‘ development, we could achieve
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Forecast for fiber laser weapon system market

According to specialists, the fiber laser weapon system market is going to grow by 19.3% from 2021 to 2028. It became possible thanks to the technological improvements in fiber laser
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High-energy fiber laser weapon for the U.S. Army

The U.S. Army is holding final tests with the high-energy fiber laser weapon. This fiber laser weapon can be used against rockets, drones, etc. These fiber lasers are installed on
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