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Fiber laser systems for multiphoton microscopy

Fiber lasers have greatly evolved over the last years, becoming a significant force in manufacturing and high technology. Fiber laser technology is still expanding its limits in the list of
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Fiber lasers in flow visualization

Since the invention of the first fiber laser module, these systems have found a range of applications in a number of scientific studies related to biology, chemistry, astronomy, etc. In
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Fiber laser modules in various fields of medicine

Since the creation of the first laser modules, specialists have conducted intense research on the effects of laser radiation on biological tissues. Fiber lasers have greatly helped in developing a
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Laser modules in optical pumping and optical trapping

Laser modules are applied in various industrial spheres due to the broad spectrum of produced wavelengths. High-power fiber laser systems are commonly used for welding, marking, cutting, etc. Low-power but
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Fiber laser systems for scientific research

Fiber laser technology has proved to be an effective instrument in a number of various fields and applications. If it comes to the field of science, fiber laser systems are
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Fiber lasers and their applications in medicine

Fiber lasers have received much attention because of their qualities, benefits in use and a number of applications in various spheres. A range of the different wavelengths allows specialists to
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