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Concept of supersymmetry in fiber laser technology

Ring microlasers have potential light sources for photonic applications. However, there can be some aspects to be solved. For example, connecting several fiber lasers into a set there can lead to unwanted extra modes. However, thanks to modern fiber laser technology, scientists could create chip-sized single mode lasers
To develop such a single mode laser with a size of a chip, scientists should make the fiber lasers stronger, smaller, and more stable. Nowadays, a research team from the USA designed two-dimensional arrays of microlasers with the stability of a single mode laser. Moreover, they could achieve higher power density than it was before. 
The developed fiber lasers should be coherent and stable to reserve the data processed by a photonic device. The single mode lasers are the best way for it but their combination is dimmer and less powerful compared to the multimode lasers. Logically, to create high-power multimode laser scientists need to combine several single mode lasers together. But the problem is the competition between modes that makes the fiber laser array less coherent.
It is important to arrange a single mode operation laser because the brightness of the fiber laser array increases with the number of fiber lasers when they are synchronized in one supermode. Researchers made a conclusion that they can reach this single mode operation by including a ‘superpartner ‘ from the concept of supersymmetry. 
According to the research team, the previous works based on the superpartner fiber laser arrays principle were just one-dimensional. The modern fiber laser system shows an array with five rows and five columns of microlasers. Scientists also predict more power scaling using the same formula for a larger array. 
This scientific work could also be applied to the previous research on vortex lasers that can take control of a laser beam and its spiral movement. The capacity to get laser beams under control could give an opportunity for scientists to code fiber laser systems at even higher densities. 
Single mode lasers have a vast range of applications starting from optical sensing and ending with optical communications. And this scientific research could help to make a step forward by developing a more efficient laser module.
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