• Single-frequency
    fiber lasers
  • Wavelength tunable
    fiber lasers
  • Compact size OEM
    single-frequency fiber
    laser modules
  • Green and & near-IR
    fiber lasers
  • Single-mode powerful
    infrared fiber
  • Ultra-narrow linewidth
    515-546 and 775-780 nm
    fiber lasers
  • DUV 257.5 nm
    fiber laser

Wavelength 10 µm 1535 -1580 nm 1030 - 1110 nm 950 - 1050 nm 850 - 950 nm 695 - 850 nm
   CW    Single frequency Fiber lasers Erbius-SF1550L Irybus-SF1030L Celius-SF780
Erbius-SF1550X Irybus-SF1030X
Erbius-SF1560L Irybus-SF1093L
Erbius-SF1560X Irybus-SF1093X
Ti:Saphire TIS-SF-07 TIS-SF-07 TIS-SF-07
TIS-SF-077 TIS-SF-077 TIS-SF-077
TIS-SF-0777 TIS-SF-0777 TIS-SF-0777
Fiber lasers Erbius-NL-1535X Irybus-NL-1064X Celius-NL-780
Tunable Varius-NL-1560T Varius-NL-1064T Varius-NL-780T
Pulsed Mode locked lasers Fiber lasers Irybus-FL-300
CO2 laser InfraLight-100
2 beam InfraLight-L
Wavelength 620 - 700 nm 570 - 620 nm 515 -561 nm 395 - 525 nm 285 - 350 nm 170 - 285 nm
   CW    Single frequency Fiber lasers Celius-SF-515 Magius-SF-257
Ti:Saphire TIS-SF-07+FD*
Dye DYE-SF-07 DYE-SF-07 DYE-SF-07 + FD*
DYE-SF-077 DYE-SF-077 DYE-SF-077 + FD*
Fiber lasers Celius-NL-515
Tunable Varius-NL-520T
Pulsed Eximer Laser CL-5000 CL-5000
CLS-5000 CLS-5000
CL-7000 CL-7000
CL-7000K CL-7000K

Optromix Inc., headquartered in Cambridge, MA, USA, is a manufacturer of laser technologies, optical fiber sensors, and optical monitoring systems.

We develop and manufacture a broad variety of Fiber lasers, СО 2 lasers, Ti: Sapphire lasers, Dye lasers and Excimer Lasers. We offer simple Erbium laser and Ytterbium laser products, as well as sophisticated laser systems with unique characteristics, based on the client’s inquiry.

We manufacture lasers using our own technologies based on the advanced research work and patents of international R&D team.Laser processes are high quality, high precision, easily-automated manufacturing solutions that provide repeatability and flexibility.

We manufacture fiber laser systems in a wide range of wavelengths: СО2 lasers (9,2 µm - 10,8 µm); Erbium laser (1532-1585 nm), Ytterbium laser (1030-1110 nm), and subsequent harmonics (near infrared fiber laser 770 -790) nm, green fiber laser 515 - 561 nm, UV fiber laser 257.5 nm); Ti:Sapphire and dye lasers in a wide range of tunable wavelengths (285 - 350 nm, 350-525 nm, 695 - 780 nm, 850 - 950 nm, 950 - 1050 nm); Excimer lasers (193, 248, 308 nm).

Optromix provides world-class laser systems and it is our highest priority to deliver the best quality products to our clients. Our main specialization is manufacturing single frequency fiber lasers.

When manufacturing our single frequency fiber laser products we implement unparalleled quality management system with world-class requirements and regulations. Optromix erbium laser, ytterbium laser, СО2 laser, Excimer laser and Ti:Sapphire laser technologies offer a vast range of applications and can be used in different research fields.

We prioritize the needs of our clients and we are always dedicated to create unique and innovative technologies.