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Development and Application of Fiber Lasers in Medical Sector

Development and Application of Fiber Lasers in Medical SectorIn recent years important progress has been made in the development of fiber-optic technologies in general and in particular in the developments related to the fiber lasers. Fiber-optic lasers are compact and reliable — and for now, they are used more and more in surgical procedures in such areas as diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical medical activities. Optical fiber lasers have a large number of unique features like great flexibility, convenience and reliability in surgical applications. The thing is that the fiber’s waveguiding properties supply single-mode operation that creates excellent diffraction-limited beam quality. This is especially useful in microsurgery and nanosurgery because it provides high resolution of the focusing spot.
Fiber-optic lasers allow the light to be easily integrated into endoscopes, microscopes and other surgical devices. Also many fiber lasers have a wall-plug efficiency of around 30 percent while some thulium fiber lasers have a wall-plug efficiency of around 12 percent. Combine this with the supple nature of fiber, which can be bent and coiled into a space about the size of a shoebox, and fiber lasers become portable, which is critical for emergency surgery.
Fiber-optic lasers typically comprise a single-mode fiber core doped with erbium, ytterbium (or their combination) or thulium. The optical fiber itself in fiber-optic lasers is the resonator cavity. Energy is coupled into the fiber’s cladding from a solid-stay source, then moves into the core and pumps the dopant. Such optical fiber lasers have significant advantages over other types of lasers like higher efficiency, wider tunability and better beam quality which, as a result, contribute to the fact that these lasers widen the utility of lasers in general for medical applications.
The targeted nature of the laser beam is attractive to many surgeons who work in a variety of fields. Fiber sources can access hard-to-reach areas of the body and deliver targeted cutting, ablating or cauterizing while minimizing damage to the surrounding tissues.
At the moment the market of the medical equipment is filling up with fiber-optic lasers which has an all-femto single-step system. Such lasers allow to correct vision without having to create a flap in the cornea and to perform and to perform corneal transplant procedures and intracorneal ring implantation.
With different groundbreaking developments in the sphere of fiber-optic lasers, the scientists have been efficacious in gaining long-ranging applications of fiber lasers in the medical sector. Optical fiber lasers are actively used in dental implementation and ophthalmology to aesthetic properties such as skin rejuvenation, body contouring and hair removal.
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