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Ytterbium Fiber Lasers for Laser Marking Process

Laser engraving is a rapidly growing area of fiber laser application. The process of fiber laser engraving consists of multiple stages. First, an intense diode light is pumped into the end of fiber optic cables that are doped with a rare earth element ytterbium. Next, the energy from the pumped light is absorbed by the ytterbium and later released in a form of photons that travel down the optic cables. Leaving the optic cable, the photons create the laser beam, that physically removes a surface layer of material to expose a cavity that reveals an image visible to a human eye. These steps are performed almost instantly, making ytterbium fiber laser engraving quick and efficient. Most engraving machines are able to work with most kinds of metal, plastic, glass and wood surfaces.
Ytterbium fiber laser marking systems offer advantages over diode-pumped, solid-state lasers. Because lasers are primary light amplifiers it is no wonder that the search for more powerful, more efficient, and the most reliable solid-state light amplifier for industrial applications has resulted in adaptations of a variety of lamp-pumped and diode-pumped amplifiers for lasers used in marking and engraving. Nowadays ytterbium fiber laser amplifiers are being used in commercial and industrial applications where they operate on 24/7 duty cycles.
Ytterbium fiber lasers are special thanks to their extremely efficient optically pumped design. Such fiber lasers develop remarkably high gains from a reliability low light source. In addition to this, the active clad fiber pumping technique creates coherence in the beam structure that closely is a small, compact, robust, energy-efficient, air-cooled, solid-state laser profiles for direct part marking on a wide variety material.
One of the biggest segments for laser engraving is in the identification security segment. Fiber laser engraving is used there for credit cards, ID cards, sensitive documents, etc. Ytterbium-doped lasers are used to engrave small high-quality images and text that is tamper proof, traceable, and customizable to each company’s needs. Laser engraving can also provide serial number engraving, timestamps, component labels, barcode etching, branding, etc. Due to the multiple advantages that fiber laser engraving provides it has become an important tool in the identification, inventory control and tracking, and loss prevention.
Ytterbium lasers are unique and extremely answer to the search for more powerful, more efficient, and more reliable solid-state light amplifiers for industrial part marking.
Optromix is a worldwide fiber laser vendor. Our team manufacture lasers using our own technologies based on the advanced research work and patents of international R&D team. Laser processes are of high quality, high precision, easily-automated manufacturing solutions that provide repeatability and flexibility. The lasers that we manufacture can be used for a variety of applications.
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