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Weapons based on fiber laser technology transform defense and offense

Military weapons based on fiber laser technology are considered to be agile, they have virtually infinite ammunition, enabling to take down different targets. Nonetheless, as fiber technology transforms, so modern military actions also change requiring advanced fiber laser weapons for everyday defense.
It should be noted that drones present a prominent security threat to military objects all around the world. Fiber laser weapons are regarded as a low-cost powerful solution for militaries. Moreover, the fiber laser technology offers such advantages as high precision, incredible flexibility, reusability, and it also allows minimizing collateral damage because the laser system weapons take out just the required target.
The operating principle of modern fiber laser weapons is based on decades of research. Such laser systems can operate on batteries utilizing a technology called a spectral beam combined fiber laser. To be more precise, this tiny powerful laser beam system applies artificially intelligent algorithms to stream fiber lasers into one larger laser beam.
The energy in the laser system weapons spreads by mirrors and lenses which enable the adjustments based on weather or atmospheric conditions. Additionally, the fiber laser weapons are not exposed to gravity or wind resistance. Thus, militaries “can take out engines, instantly burn tires, sink a boat or bring down drones in a fraction of a second” with weapons based on fiber laser technology due to significantly focused energy laser beams.
Also, it is not required to fire a new projectile, in the case of aim movement, it is enough to move the fiber laser. The advantages of laser system weapons as a munitions system include soldiers must not transport massive amounts of ammunition, rather just one weapons system. Herewith, it is not necessary to carry around dangerous munitions where accidents can happen because the powerful energy of laser beam weapons originates directly from generators or batteries.
Therefore, the lightweight of dangerous munitions also simply implies less cargo resulting in less equipment and more stealthy troop movements. Standard missiles also have a high cost, while fiber laser weapons have almost infinitely renewable power, that is why the cost of the fiber laser system is offset through not needing to permanently buy munitions. 
Nevertheless, all the mentioned benefits of laser system weapons do not mean full replacement of conventional munitions, they only compliment them. Nowadays there are fully functioning fiber laser systems ready for field testing, and some capabilities have been already demonstrated.
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