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The growing potential of fiber lasers

The growing potential of fiber lasersSince the end of the last century, fiber lasers have been considered to be elements of different scientific directions starting from the telecom market and ending with the medical procedure market. Moreover, they are widely used in a variety of advanced and scientific laser applications
Different wavelength ranges, short pulse durations, nonreactivity to environmental conditions, small size, and other important factors of fiber laser designs play a crucial role in their popularity among the scientific and government communities. Fiber laser technology often solves problems that other modern technologies can not. Nowadays, we can find industrial fiber lasers in manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, transport, consumer devices, and other industries. 
From the very beginning, when the fiber lasers were implemented they were in great request for the processing of metals. Now they are applied for 3D printing, surface cleaning and modification, and many microprocessing methods of a great variety of materials.
Fiber laser modules can provide higher output powers and laser beams of good quality. That helps to achieve efficient energy consumption and resistance to vibration and environmental conditions. That’s why there is no wonder, they make a fast return on investment. 
The first fiber lasers were mostly effectless. But then new methods of delivering the pump light into the cladding were discovered. These methods allowed making fiber lasers more powerful and showing their true potential. That was a revolution in fiber laser systems and the new era began. As a result of this revolution, fiber laser modules were adapted to mass production.
Fiber lasers proved to be a reliable and powerful instrument for different applications. They are present in a wide range of different scientific spheres and directions. However, they still have a great development potential that continues to grow.
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