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The development of the unique soliton fiber laser

Fiber laser technology is an advanced sphere of modern technology, where a lot of scientists from different countries are actively involved in developments. Last year, researchers from Russia demonstrated a newly developed and successfully tested unique soliton fiber laser.
The Russian scientists explained that fiber lasers are of fundamental importance to scientific development all over the world. According to researchers, fiber lasers with a high pulse repetition rate are especially in demand in photonics, a promising analog of electronics.
Their newly developed soliton fiber laser with double pulse stabilization differs from other types of fiber lasers in compactness, reliability, and convenience of laser beam delivery. The fiber lasers‘ basis is fiber optics that help in emitting part of the energy into the laser cavity. Double synchronization helps to match the phases of the longitudinal waves and achieve ultra-short powerful pulses. After several cycles of radiation, there is a state in which the pulses become solitons.
Thanks to the double stabilization of the fiber laser pulse, scientists could develop a fiber laser that combines high-frequency pulses with a high-quality pulse train. The fiber laser design contains a nonlinear polarization rotation effect and a frequency shift effect produced by an optical modulator. According to researchers, that is why the main advantage of the new fiber laser is the maintenance of harmonic synchronization of longitudinal waves in any generation mode. Now the next aim for the developers is further improvement of their fiber laser performance. 
It’s been a while since the creation of the first fiber laser. However, fiber lasers proved to be one of the most effective technologies in every sphere. For example, fiber lasers made a revolution in ophthalmology just three years later after their creation. At each stage of the fiber lasers‘ development, there were problems that needed to be solved. They were produced in different fields, for instance, in medicine, industry, quantum computing, fundamental science, etc. Therefore, nowadays fiber laser systems have a lot of applications. 
The emergence of new types of fiber lasers always opens up unique, not previously foreseen options for their applications. The development of fiber laser technology today determines success in a number of scientific and applied fields.
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