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Super pulsed fiber laser system for urology

One popular company-manufacturer of medical devices has presented innovative fiber laser technology that allows decreasing treatment time and increasing procedural efficiency. The super pulsed laser system is based on the thulium fiber laser technology developed for stone lithotripsy and soft tissue applications.
To be more precise, the presented laser system obtained the regulatory approval that enables to apply the fiber laser in the medical world globally. The fiber laser system has been already tested on synthetic kidney stones and demonstrated that this technology can dust stones in half the time it takes other systems, while also creating a fine dust that is easily removed. 
It should be noted that the laser beam application in early cases leads to the system has practically no retropulsion at chosen settings and the fiber laser provides accurate soft tissue cutting with visibly improved hemostasis capability. The super pulsed thulium fiber laser system changes game rules in medicine.
The laser system is considered to be faster, herewith, it dusts stones into tiny particles that more easily wash out during the procedure, which is a crucial advantage for patients. The thing is that “when kidney stone fragments don’t clear during or after the lithotripsy procedure, they can potentially grow into bigger stones that lead to future stone related events such as painful colic and the need for urgent intervention.”
According to specialists, this fiber laser technology is regarded as highly promising and even superior in several features and performance metrics. The operating principle of the fiber laser is based on a laser module configuration unique within the medical area, providing the broadest range of settings available, containing very low energies, and high laser beam frequencies that can transmit superior performance across a range of applications.
Additionally, the laser beam has energy emitted at 1940 nanometers (the optimal wavelength for peak absorption in water), therefore, it is possible to increase energy absorption four times greater than conventional fiber laser systems used as the current standard of care market today. Also, the super pulsed fiber laser provides ergonomic and environmental benefits. 
The thing is that this laser system is very compact compared to similar systems, for example, it fits on a standard wheeled OR cart, as well the fiber laser demonstrates higher efficiency, while it needs just a standard 110-volt power outlet. Herewith, the fiber laser system is significantly quieter than other systems, producing 50% less noise at comparable settings.
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