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Space fiber laser system passes tests in orbit

The company-manufacturer of space facilities Space X has presented the successful test results of their “space” fiber laser systems. To be more precise, these laser systems allow for providing optical (laser beam light-based) communication with a significantly high bandwidth ceiling that is a potential way to offer the wireless, high-speed transmission of huge data information over long distances.
The members of Space X claim that about 650/715 satellites are operational, herewith two spacecraft are equipped with prototype fiber lasers, and their test results are regarded as very successful. Such a fiber laser system has the biggest benefit for connection that includes a significant reduction in connection latency.
The thing is that “by moving a great deal of the work of networking into orbit, the data transmitted on an interlinked satellite network with the help of laser beam light would theoretically need for much less routing to achieve an end-user, physically decreasing the distance that data has to travel.”
Even though the speed of laser beam light is pretty fast (about 300,000 kilometers per second), however, the limitations of current fiber optic cables result in difficulties in routing data to and from opposite ends of the planet. Thus, the space fiber laser provides the network that can serve individual users 100 Mbps of bandwidth.
The realization of full connection potential requires high-performance laser systems compared to standard fiber optic cables resulting in internet service that overcomes the existing fiber options. Space fiber laser helps to avoid the connection dropout scenario making the fiber laser technology ideal for space applications.
For instance, in the case of finding customers without a ground station in reach by an active satellite, those forlorn data packages will be directed by the fiber laser system to another satellite with immediate ground station access. Therefore, the connection becomes better, and enough optimization makes it possible to direct user communications by the space fiber laser to and from the ground stations physically nearby to the user and their traffic destination.
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