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Solid-state laser systems take the place of conventional gas lasers

All the times fiber lasers are taken for very specialized and highly expensive devices that can be used only in the laboratory. Nevertheless, time moves on and lasers have been changed. Fiber laser modules have become more compact, more dependable and cheaper.
The fields of laser application continue to spread; they are used in such areas as surgery, welding, industries like the military and aerospace. Nowadays compact, high-output and cost-effective solid-state fiber laser systems take the place of traditional gas lasers in many spheres.
Usually five big subgroups of laser systems are identified:

  • Gas laser is a laser that bases on gases to produce coherent light. This type of lasers uses several gases for different aims (hologram making, laser printing, the Bar Code reading etc.). The advantages of gas laser module include high volume of inexpensive active material, its reliability, and quick heat removal from the cavity.
  • Liquid lasers use a liquid crystal as the resonator cavity. The fields of application are biomedical sensing, medicine, display screens, environmental sensing.
  • Plasma laser system includes plasmas produced by firing high-intensity beams of light. They are frequently used in the laboratory for astrophysical plasmas recreating.
  • Semiconductor lasers or laser diodes provoke laser vibration by flowing an electric current to semiconductor. The advantages are compact size, low cost and power consumption, easy use and high efficiency.
  • Solid-state laser systems use the same solid media as semiconductor lasers, however, in solid-state lasers the medium is made from crystal, glass, or ceramic materials.

Today solid-state lasers gain their popularity thanks to the power, accuracy, and high beam quality that make them equal to argon lasers. Also it became possible to produce new emission wavelengths and tunable sources of laser radiation with the help of this device. Moreover, the performance period of solid-state laser systems is double compared to argon lasers.
Solid-state laser modules are more reliable and firm than gas lasers that allow them to be used in several applications, for example, in medical devices. The main advantage is quite high energy efficiency. Solid-state lasers consume the tens of watts less than a typical air-cooled ion laser.
At the present time solid-state laser systems are used in the industry for welding, in marking, drilling, and cutting operations, in medicine for fragile procedures, in the military and aerospace industries for weapon systems and as detonation devices, in physics.
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