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Pulsed and Continuous Wave (CW) Green Fiber Lasers

A large-scale green fiber lasers production allows to serve new markets and applications in an increasing number. Now it’s possible to visually trace a high-energy particle flows in gases and to further characterize them with the help of powerful green lasers. Green fiber lasers can also be used for a photoacoustic measurements of hemoglobin.
Today many scientists believe that pulsed green fiber lasers are much more productive and compact than other available lasers. The pulsed green fiber lasers  supply a high peak power with an average output of 10W, which can be scaled. Higher powers of Optromix’s lasers, it should be noted, are in the works. Such lasers possess a pulse duration of just 1 ns and  frequency of 50 to 600 kHz also it includes, featuring M2 of less than 1.2, a collimator and narrow line width at 532 nm.
In addition to pulsed green fiber lasers, there are continuous wave (CW) lasers. The CW-lasers emit a continuous or, in other words, permanent laser beam with a controlled heat output. By dint of the CW-lasers it becomes possible to control a heat output, as beam duration or intensity. The CW-lasers especially are typical tools in semiconductor researches, because through their use laser beams can be directed in a port in the spectrometer directly onto the sample. Such CW-lasers are available for use with a wide diversity of fiber terminations, collimation optics and processing heads.
Optromix is a fiber laser manufacturer, which can provide a pulsed and CW green fiber lasers with a  divergence specifications. This allows the use of long focal length processing lenses, less damage to optical components and makes them appropriate for remote welding applications. We produce a unique combination of technologies that outperforms any traditional laser technology. Optromix constantly evolves laser systems and always uses own developments to reduce costs and increase brand exposure and public awareness. Optromix’s lasers require minimal maintenance and possess the longest operation life, they have the longest diode lifetimes plus Optromix’s lasers are compact and robust. Our laser warranty is the most reliable on the market.
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