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Polariton nano-laser system operating at room temperature

Today polariton laser systems attract a lot of attention as the next laser technology generation due to its ability to operate at super low power, in spite of the fact that the development of laser modules is limited by problems in controlling the thermal stability of excitons, particularly in nanoscale tools.
Recently a team of researchers from Pennsylvania has presented such a polariton nano-laser system operating at room temperature. They confirm that this laser module can help in numerous related researches, for example, the laser device can be applied in polariton physics at the nanoscale as well as in quantum information systems.
The principle of the laser module operation is based on the material incitation by producing Coulomb-bound states of electron-hole pairs (excitons) strongly interacts with photons, a macroscopic quantum state of exciton-polaritons is created and takes benefits of both the light and the matter, forming very energy-efficient coherent light sources, it is about “polariton laser systems”.
To solve the current problem, the researchers employed “quantum well” that was called so to mean a space that electrons fall freely. Thus, the quantum well was installed on the sidewall of the nanostructure semiconductor laser system. Moreover, the team succeeded in supporting thermally stable excitons in the laser module even at room temperature, on the contrary cases, they are stable just at very low temperatures.
It should be noted that quantum well structure used in the mentioned laser system offers new benefit such as the formation of more efficient and stable exciton-polariton states than before due to strengthening the exciton and light coupling inside the nanostructure semiconductor laser.
Such development allows producing polariton nano-laser systems that demonstrate the stable operation at room temperature, herewith, their power consumption (power density of 180 to 360 mW/cm2 for the acquisition time of 10 s) is considered to be the only 1/10th of conventional nanostructure laser modules.
The research team also claim that the novel nanostructure semiconductor laser system enables to increase the exciton properties and consequently the exciton-polaritons. Finally, it is possible to design the polariton nano-laser system that is able to operate at room temperature conditions with the help of this laser technology. The developed nano-laser device is highly promising because it makes a contribution to the creation of a platform to study the physical phenomena related to the exciton-polaritons at room temperature environment.
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