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Overcoming the limit of fiber lasers

According to a team of researchers from Australia, the coherence of laser systems can be significantly improved by overcoming limitations that are considered to be fundamental for 60 years. To be more precise, fiber lasers produce highly directional, monochromatic, coherent laser beam light.
It should be noted that the light is produced by the laser system as a narrow laser beam in a specific direction. Moreover, the wavelength and phase of every photon are equal. The coherence of a laser beam, in turn, is regarded as “the number of photons that can be emitted in this manner, which is a property crucial in determining the performance of a fiber laser in precision tasks like quantum computing.”
Herewith, a quantum limit of laser beam coherence is not a new phenomenon, and it was identified in the 1960s. Additionally, there is a theory that the coherence of the fiber laser system is less than the square of the number of photons. Nevertheless, the researchers suggest a way how laser beam energy is added to the system and how it is released to create the beam.
Even though these suggestions are right and suitable to most standard laser systems, they are not obligatory when it comes to quantum mechanics. The ability of researchers to develop and control quantum systems has transformed the conception of what is practical. Additionally, numerous researches allow for a better understanding of quantum processes occurred in fiber lasers.
Nowadays the team of researchers from Australia has applied numerical simulations to show that it is possible to overcome the limitations of fiber laser systems. The fiber laser technology has been already tested and demonstrated that the laser beam coherence is less than the fourth power of the number of photons.
Therefore, when the stored number of photons in the fiber laser is large, as is generally the case, the novel upper limit is much higher than the old one. Also, the researchers have developed a quantum mechanical model for a fiber laser system that could reach this upper limit for coherence in a theory.
Finally, more time is required to create a super laser system. However, this fiber laser technology approves that the production of quantum-limited fiber laser is possible employing the superconducting technique. Herewith, such a technology is also applied in the modern best quantum computers.
The developed fiber laser may have applications in that field. Thus, new fiber laser systems allow for expanding new applications and promoting new researches into more energy-efficient laser systems.
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