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Novel Femtosecond Lasers’ Application for Spaceflight Technologies

A team of researchers at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center has shown that it’s possible to weld glass to copper, glass to glass, and drill hair-sized pinholes in different materials for use in spaceflight applications. This research group is expanding its research into a more exotic glass, such as sapphire and Zerodur, and metals, such as titanium, Invar, Kovar, and aluminum. These materials often used in spaceflight instruments. The goal of studies is to weld larger pieces of materials and show that the femtosecond laser technology is effective at adhering windows onto laser housing and optics to metal mount among other applications.
The laser energy vaporizes it without heating the surrounding matter. Technicians can precisely target the laser and bond dissimilar that otherwise couldn’t be attached without epoxies.
Also, in addition to this, that another application is in the area of micromachining. The ability to remove small volumes of material without damaging the surrounding matter allows to machine microscopic features. Microscopic features include everything from drilling, hair-sized pinholes in metals to etching microscopic channels or waveguides through which light travel in photonic integrated circuits and laser transmitters.
Next, the team plans to compile a library of micromachining and welding capabilities.
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