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New versatile fiber laser cuts metal tubes

A manufacturer of cutting machines based on fiber lasers from Germany has developed a new laser system tube cutting machine. The company claims that the new fiber laser system is considered to be “a cost-effective choice even at low to medium capacity utilization, suitable for companies that are entering this sector and those seeking to expand production capacity.”
The fiber laser cutting machine provides the versatile processing of tubes and profiles, herewith, such fiber laser technology can replace standard tube processing steps like sawing, drilling, and milling. The applications of new laser systems include profiles, round tubes, and flat steel bars. Moreover, it allows precessing L and U profiles. To be more precise, the 2 kW solid-state fiber laser provides high-speed cutting of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and nonferrous metals, for instance, copper and brass.
Additionally, the fiber laser system enables to cut tubes with diameters of up to 152 millimeters and profiles with an outer circumference of up to 170 millimeters. The laser technology used in the new cutting machine performs automatic adaptation to the tube dimensions without the necessity of manual adjusting. Herewith, the fiber laser also sets up other crucial settings automatically. It is enough to touch only one button at the laser system to provide the reliable cutting of lower-quality materials.
It should be noted that the fiber laser cutting machine enables cutting tubes weighing up to 18.5 kg/m with material thicknesses of up to 8mm. Also, the automated loading system makes the laser system machine a cost-effective solution for high-volume production. There is an opportunity for users to make changes to the fiber laser system’s production schedule or control it through an app, making the process easier.
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