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New ultrafast fiber lasers

Nowadays ultrafast fiber laser systems have reached a new level in modern technologies. And recently a German company announced that they have developed a new fiber laser that had a perfect laser beam quality, high process technology and could be bought with average powers of more than 100 W from stock.
At the end of the 2018th, a team of researchers has demonstrated their latest record that was a fiber laser system with 3.5 kW average power and a pulse duration of 430 fs after amplification. Moreover, the laser system has an automated spatial and temporal alignment of the interferometric amplification channels.
It should be noted that the novel fiber laser technology is based on an all-fiber amplifier that employs a coherent combination of four separately amplified laser beams. Herewith, this fiber laser creates pulses of 1047 nm wavelengths and a repetition rate of 80 MHz. Then these pulses are divided into 4 separate laser beams and go into the amplifier.
The point lies in the process of amplification after which the fiber laser beam looks really nice. Nevertheless, the researchers are planning to increase the system up to 10 kW later this year. At the same time, the laser systems have numerous advantages such as:

  • Efficient heat dissipation;
  • Excellent output laser beam quality;
  • Compactness and ruggedness;
  • Reduced mode distortion;
  • Reliable and low-cost technology;
  • Fiber lasers ensure accurate cutting and a quite high edge quality;
  • Laser modules can cut complex shapes in a short time;
  • Laser systems meet all the manufacturing requirements.

All the mentioned benefits make fiber lasers an ideal solution for a lot of application fields, for example, precision engineering, including fiber laser micromachining, high precision sheet metal profiling, cutting transparent materials, marking components for traceability, gas and wind detection, oil and gas exploitation, pipeline integrity monitoring, perimeter security, and medicine, etc.
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