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New trends in fiber laser systems

2020 is known by the COVID pandemic and affects numerous fields of the market. The market of fiber laser systems is no exception. For instance, industrial laser systems remain relatively stable. Herewith, specialists even expect growth of the fiber laser market in 2021.
To be more precise, laser systems are regarded as “a solution seeking a problem”. Herewith, fiber lasers are widely used in numerous fields of technology. Even conventional things apply fiber laser technology: LED screens, computers, and smartphones.
Nowadays laser system’s price is constantly decreasing making them more accessible. “It started with small laser marking devices, today it comprises fiber lasers beyond 1 kW power.” Moreover, the number of manufacturers of fiber laser systems increases steadily decreasing the price of laser diodes.
The first trend in fiber laser systems includes quantum technology. The combination of quantum and fiber laser technology requires a lot of miniaturization and integration of tools. It should be noted that quantum technology uses laser beam pulses emitted by compact light sources.
The second trend supposes ultrafast material processing with ultra-short laser beam pulses. The thing is that ultra-short pulsed laser systems are the most popular ones on the market now. These fiber lasers are a type of solid-state lasers that produce very powerful laser beam pulses as short or even shorter than a picosecond.
Their property of high intensity allows breaking almost any material in short times. Nevertheless, they also have a disadvantage – speed limitation. Thus, ultra-short pulsed fiber laser systems still need some improvements. Additionally, researchers plan to increase laser beam power and even to apply multi-beam technologies for an optimal process. Such fiber laser technology is very promising for new applications.
Another trend is connected with researches on extreme laser beam light. Conventional fiber lasers do not achieve exawatt pulses, however, they reach world records in different parameters. Herewith, they continue aiming to ultrahigh intensities around the world. New records in focused intensity can be expected in 2021. Fiber laser technology plays a crucial role because a new generation of scientists enables to create a complex laser system and understand how to conduct experimental research with it.
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