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Micro comb laser systems as variable microwave devices

Low-noise signals play a crucial role in various applications, for instance, high-speed telecommunication and ultrafast data processing. Usually, huge and sensitive microwave oscillators emit these signals, however, these systems can not be applied out-of-door. The promising solution is the application of high-quality pulsed laser systems based on micro comb technology.
To be more precise, such fiber lasers offer the high optical frequency and spectral purity of laser beam fields, herewith, they produce low-noise microwaves compactly and efficiently. Nonetheless, these laser systems emit microwaves with limited frequency adjustment, that is why conventional resonator has to be huge and has difficulties in tunability.
A team of scientists from Dublin has presented a novel fiber laser technology for producing different low-noise microwaves with a single system. According to this technology, a microresonator frequency comb is installed into a compact laser system, whose “intensity  is modulated by an off-the-shelf microwave oscillator.” 
Thus, it is possible to emit new laser beam microwaves with tuned frequencies by forcing the modulation frequency to tightly follow a subharmonic frequency of the microwave. Moreover, these microwaves provide lower phase-noise than fiber laser systems used previously for the same purposes.
It should be noted that such a fiber laser technology is a frequency division that allows for delivering the frequency purity of an optical signal into the microwave domain. Herewith, it is possible to deliver the spectral purity between various microwave signals. Despite it is challenging to perform ideal laser beam microwave frequency division in a tunable way, the fast-modulated fiber laser allows for making it by employing cost available photodetector and a moderate control system.
This laser system produces a secondary frequency comb with more densified spectral emissions leading to numerous spectroscopic applications. Additionally, the main elements of the system, for example, the microresonator and the semiconductor laser system are considered to be discrete and connected with lengthy optical fibers.
The team now continues working on integrating and advanced-packing the system. The thing is that the opportunity to make the device smaller and its mass production leads to the revolution in the market for portable low-noise microwave and frequency comb tools thanks to fiber laser systems.
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