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Laser systems of the future

Recently, a research team from the USA has advanced laser system technology ten years into the future. The fact is that the research team unified lasers and silicon and developed mode-locked quantum dot laser module on silicon. Herewith, it is planned that the laser system will offer new fields of application.
The mode-locked quantum dot laser module on silicon has numerous advantages that include:

  • a significant increase in data transmission capacity of centers, telecommunications companies, and network hardware products;
  • high stability;
  • low noise;
  • energy efficiency;
  • compact size;
  • low-cost;
  • a tiny, micron-sized light source;
  • the ability to emit a broad range of light wavelengths.

It should be mentioned that nowadays the level of data traffic continues growing worldwide that is why even the largest technology companies have to set their sights on the hardware and laser modules of 2024 and beyond to stay competitive. Thus, the developed mode-locked quantum dot laser system is their only solution to the problem.
The novel mode-locked fiber laser has an output of 20 gigahertz, a proven 4.1 terabit-per-second transmission capacity that is higher than today’s best commercial standard for data transmission. In addition, the researchers used the technique of wavelength-division-multiplexing or WDM that allows transmitting numerous parallel signals over a single optical fiber using different wavelengths.
Moreover, the laser system technology makes streaming and rapid data transmission real and can be used in different fields of application, such as commerce, communications, entertainment etc. By the way, the mode-locked quantum dot laser module on silicon is a low phase noise laser due to coherent optical combs with fixed-channel spacing.
The laser system on silicon is considered to be the most advantageous because it has all the benefits of the electronic properties of several semiconductor materials for performance and function, in addition to silicon’s own well-known optical and manufacturing benefits. Also,  the research team confirms that the laser device will soon become the norm in telecommunications and data processing.
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