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Laser system cutting: full information

Laser system cutting is considered to be an industrial laser technology that is used in numerous fields. First laser beams were introduced in 1960 when the physicist Theodore Maiman employed a synthetic ruby crystal to create the first prototype that allowed making a straight laser beam. Nevertheless, the technology of laser cutting was presented only in 1963 by the electrical engineer Kumar Patel who used CO2 laser due to which laser system cutting became cheaper and more efficient.
It should be noted that the development of laser technology enables the mining industry to give laser systems a practical application, herewith, some laser modules are able to cut a 1-mm-thick steel sheet. Nowadays CO2 laser systems are a common laser cutting device for cutting and engraving materials such as cardboard, plywood, MDF or acrylic, etc.
The fact is that the process of laser system cutting and engraving are both subtractive manufacturing techniques. To be more precise, a solid object is used in the process, then the material is removed by the laser beam in order to produce a required image. However, these two laser technologies are not identical and have a distinction.
A laser beam during laser system cutting hits the surface of a material and heats it up until it melts or vaporizes completely to leave a clean cut. Herewith, the process of engraving by a CO2 laser is similar to the cutting, however, the intensity of the laser beam is lower and it only leaves a mark on the material’s surface rather than cut it.
In spite of the fact that there are other technologies that allow achieving similar results, laser system cutting offers the following benefits over other cutting techniques that include:

  • the high level of accuracy resulting in engraving more detailed images and cleaner cuts;
  • high production speed;
  • wide variety of materials that can be cut by the laser system without any damage;
  • high accessibility compared to other techniques;
  • the opportunity of laser application with any vector software;
  • no wastes such as sawdust;
  • laser technology for cutting purposes is very safe and reliable with the right equipment.

Finally, laser system cutting is not yet ideal and needs some improvements to overcome other similar techniques. Optromix Inc., headquartered in Cambridge, MA, USA, is a manufacturer of laser technologies, optical fiber sensors, and optical monitoring systems. We develop and manufacture a broad variety of fiber lasers, СО2 lasers, and other types. We offer simple laser products, as well as sophisticated laser systems with unique characteristics, based on the client’s inquiry.
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