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Laser modules in the financial card markets

A new generation of laser modules was created in trusted identity, payments, and data protection. These laser modules give an opportunity to the customers to implement new laser modules in both the financial payment card and government ID card sectors. 
The popularity of fiber laser technology is increasing enormously in different fields including both the financial and government card markets. This is explained by the increased requirements for greater security and personalization. The design team used many years of experience and modern development in fiber laser technology. That arranges more accurate image quality and good line detailing.
Fiber laser technology plays a significant role in supporting security and image quality requirements because criminals become more sophisticated in counterfeiting ID cards. Fiber lasers are a crucial element of any security strategy because of the accuracy. Modern fiber laser systems are utilized for government applications. Laser modules provide crisp edges and image definition. They employ the highest quality photo images, support texts, bar codes, and various additional security features. Laser modules conform to the security standards of most government agencies all over the world.
The flat and metal cards make the financial card market implement new fiber laser technology, like durable graphics and laser engraving. The new laser modules leverage financial card personalization by applying modern fiber laser engraving technology. These laser modules provide a simple user interface and allow set all the necessary customer requirements up. The laser modules can engrave on various materials bar codes, texts, and bitmap images.
Fiber laser modules can also apply additional security features. They allow for ease of setup and control, integration of multimode laser modules, and etc. Fiber laser modules can also include a vision registration camera. The camera accurately combines engraving and pre-printed elements on the card. Laser modules can have an air-cooled fiber laser as well. The fiber laser employs powerful fiber laser technology put in a small laser module. This laser module does not require external power or a cooling unit.
Thanks to modern complex fiber laser designs the science made a great leap forward nowadays. Fiber lasers are applied in various spheres and provide more energy-efficient fiber laser systems in the conditions of low-budget and different environmental conditions.   
Optromix Inc., headquartered in Cambridge, MA, USA, is a manufacturer of laser technologies, optical fiber sensors, and optical monitoring systems. We develop and manufacture a broad variety of Fiber lasers, СО 2 lasers, Ti: Sapphire lasers, Dye lasers, and Excimer Lasers. We offer simple Erbium laser and Ytterbium laser products, as well as sophisticated laser systems with unique characteristics, based on the client’s inquiry.
We manufacture laser modules using our technologies based on the advanced research work and patents of the international R&D team. Laser processes are high-quality, high-precision, easily automated manufacturing solutions that provide repeatability and flexibility.
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