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Laser diode system in food production

It is not a secret that laser systems are the most frequently used tool in different areas of human life, especially, in the industrial sphere. Today lasers make the process of food production easier and faster and help to control the quality of end products.
Thus, researchers from Spain have developed laser diode sensor that is able to reveal counterfeit olive oil that is often sold as extra virgin. It means that now it is possible to find out fake olive oil with the help of an optical sensor. This device differentiates similar olive oils by the difference in their quality.
The laser diode system includes laser diodes that allow detecting the fluorescence from spoiled oil that differs from that of real extra virgin. It should be mentioned that extra virgin oil is produced from pure, cold-pressed olives, while fake oil includes both cold-pressed and processed oil that has worse taste, appearance, and quality. The most popular example is the mixture of pure olive oil and cheaper oil.
The principle of laser system operation includes the use of laser diode sensor that is the source of the light measuring the fluorescence emission level and twenty qualities of data. The measurement of these parameters allows the estimation of fake oil presence concentration.
The laser diode sensor has been produced with the help of a 3D printer and has numerous advantages such as:

  • low cost both to manufacture and to operate;
  • compact size;
  • on-site analysis;
  • result generation in real time;
  • a potential way for quality control.

The problem of olive oil quality is national and even international one. Previously, its solution faced to an obstacle such as expensiveness but now it became real to eliminate counterfeit olive oil very fast and with low costs. Moreover, the frequency of fake olive oil is reducing due to the laser diode system.
Also, the researchers undertake the study with the aim of laser system operation control using the mixture of different olive oils, even those that were past their best before date and analyzed the results by chaotic algorithms.
Consequently, this method can be used at any time, to be precise, it is able to control the extra virgin olive oil quality until its packaging or after with the aim of fake brands or producer detection.
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