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Laser beams that can pass through opaque materials

Now scientists are developing a laser beam of high quality that will be able to pass through opaque materials without diffusion. The thing is that usually, light scatters or reflects when you shine it through a fog, consequently, the laser beam spreads out. Nevertheless, there are cases when it is highly important to pass a laser system beam through a material without any scattering.
Thus, a group of scientists is working on fine-tuning waves to make them able to pass through different materials such as white paint or even human skin that can be potentially applied in medicine or communication. The main goal of the development to make the laser beam more concentrated preventing the light from spreading.
It took a lot of time and energy to find out how to send laser system beams, either of particles such as electrons or of light, through opaque materials. Nonetheless, recent tests have shown that it is real to make their idea come true. For the aim, it is necessary to use specially tailored laser beams that are able to send energy through opaque materials by traveling in just the right way, herein, some waves in the laser system beams neutralize while others combine upon entering the medium.
The scientists want to create not only the light that is able to pass the material through but to produce a focused laser beam of high quality on the other side of the material. Recently they made a simplified model of the opaque material that was a slide covered with white paint and calculated how the front of the light wave should be shaped using a method of trial and error.
After the calculations, the scientists used a spatial light modulator to create the correct wavefront, shone it onto the slide covered with white paint, and successfully generated outputs that were thinner than a traditional laser system beam of high quality would produce.
After testing the laser beam remained comparatively concentrated even after passing through the white slide. However, now it is highly necessary to adapt the laser module beam to each material the researchers would like to pass it through, but it takes a lot of time.
Also, scientists believe that it is possible to combine the laser technology with machine learning to find about the system quickly in several measurements and use it to define the correct wavefront. Herewith, they plan to develop an even more concentrated laser beam on the other side of the material.
It should be noted that today it is possible to shine laser systems through walls, however, only very specific types of walls and probably the list of walls will increase very soon.
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