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How Best to Penetrate the Global Fiber Laser Market? Market Projection and Future Opportunities

According to market estimates, the global fiber laser market will grow incessantly at least next several years. The growing expansion and diversity of fiber laser products by fiber laser manufacturers are one of the latest trends that will contribute to the growth of this market in the forthcoming years. Fiber laser manufacturers are interesting heavily in activities to enhance the range and add additional wavelengths and power levels. They thus seek ways to increase such characteristic of fiber laser as high beam quality and to introduce new product lines. This includes UV fiber lasers, red, orange, green fiber lasers; projection and mid-infrared fiber lasers for fine and microprocessing applications. And then to top it off, the fiber laser manufacturers are also currently developing ultrashort pulsed lasers with ultrashort pulse durations to the range of picosecond and femtosecond.
How Best to Penetrate the Global Fiber Laser Market? Market Projection and Future OpportunitiesThere are three main directions in the development of fiber laser products:

  1. Material processing

Factors such as the high requirements of fiber lasers with high power efficiency and high beam quality for material applications as cutting, welding, and engraving currently contribute to the development of the material processing segments at least in the next decade. Fiber laser tube cutting is one of the most outstanding segments in the global fiber laser industry. Fiber laser systems provide unlimited cutting configurations, reduced production costs, and the ability to eliminate stack up tolerances in this domain. There are, in addition, other well-suited directions for funding: powertrain control module (PCM) use, horizontal sheet cutting, and 3D cutting (fiber lasers successfully applied in 3D cutting uses, for instance, in the production of the opening in instrumentation attachments and transferable electronics attachments. In addition to this, fiber lasers are utilized for jewelry manufacturing and spot welding electronics.

  1. Advanced applications

The optical fiber test and measurement equipment also used for determining the changes in light that are caused due to environmental changes: temperature, pressure, and suchlike.

  1. Medical applications

The increasing use of fiber lasers in the medical sector is undoubtedly the main driving force of such an active development of this market. The medical industry is interested in the development of the laser industry due to the fact that laser systems and fiber lasers, in general, have such an optimal set of characteristics as compact size, high efficiency, and good thermal properties. The diode-pumped structure makes fiber lasers small and easy to use. In addition to this, they can focus the beam with higher precision or in other words fiber lasers have the high beam quality of their own system. This ability enables them to cause minimal damage to the surrounding tissues. Nowadays fiber laser manufacturers produce and sell their products in the medical field for spine surgery, cardiovascular surgery, and cataract surgery. Furthermore, fiber laser technology is an easy to customize technology that even allows providing options to adjust precision and make bladeless incisions on patients.
Fiber lasers doped with erbium or thulium are mostly used for medical purposes, including skin rejuvenation, body contouring, wrinkle removal, tattoo removal, stretch marks removal, hair implant, and other therapeutic surgeries. The aesthetic market is expected to become an important development field for fiber laser operations globally.
Therefore, summing up the above, fiber laser products provides high efficiency, compact size, cost-effectiveness, vibrational stability, and low maintenance. All these characteristics make fiber lasers ideal for use in diversified applications.How Best to Penetrate the Global Fiber Laser Market? Market Projection and Future Opportunities
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