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High precision of powerful fiber lasers for welding

High power of fiber laser systems that is necessary for welding of sheet metal, tubes, copper and aluminum in heavy industries also requires a high level of accuracy to avoid defects. That is why operators have a greater responsibility to provide this power with precision and the development of laser system technologies remains important.
At the present time, there are numerous improvements in laser systems that allow solving the mentioned problem. For example, the high precision of a laser beam can be offered by laser power distribution to the inner and outer cores of a two-in-one fiber to provide the ideal join.
Also, some companies suggest employing programmable adjustment of the output beam mode and monitoring technology for the welding process. Such an improvement in laser technologies makes real-time feedback possible for significant processing characteristics.
The achievement of an accurate laser beam can be made through numerous beam modes to enhance the efficiency of coated steels, aluminum, and dissimilar materials. Herewith, new fiber laser systems with continuous wave and quasi-continuous wave options offer more accuracy than conventional lasers.
Fiber laser technology has multiple applications in the automotive, e-mobility and electronics industries, and today it attracts more attention than before due to fiber laser ability to weld in a short period and at the highest quality by tuning the intensity allocation of laser systems.
The thing is that the new laser system includes a two-in-one fiber that consists of two fiber cores located coaxially. Thus, each fiber core can be programmed to create a percentage of the laser’s power, for example, 40% to the inner fiber core and 60% to the outer core. In addition, the level of power tune can achieve 1 percent precision in such a fiber laser.
The main advantages of the fiber laser system include spatter-free laser power allocation, that dramatically accelerates the process, and changeable two-in-one fiber that can be quickly replaced by new fiber in case of its damage because these fibers are standard for fiber laser systems.
Traditionally, CO2 lasers are used for welding processes in heavy industries because of their speed a level of quality. Nevertheless, the new solid-state fiber laser system opens new possibilities for the industry because it allows welding stainless steel sheets and also tubes and profiles with a very high feed rate at good quality almost without spatter.
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