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High-power ultrafast fiber lasers offer new applications

Ultrafast fiber laser systems provide two unique benefits that include the highest accuracy in material processing and the capability to process almost every material. The thing is that fiber lasers of average powers of up to approximately 100 W for industrial applications while laser systems of higher powers are more suitable for research. 
Also, the popularity of fiber laser systems is growing. Therefore, a team of researchers from Germany develops the next generation of ultrafast laser systems with enough power to overcome standard lasers. Herewith, apart from the development of fiber lasers, it is planned to create process laser technology and first applications as well.
The team consists of laser beam source development groups that work on complementary approaches to create a totally new fiber laser system. New fiber laser is based on a decade-long experience with a special slab laser system design. The fiber laser is perfect in the generation of continuous-wave (CW) laser beam radiation efficiently with diode pumping.
Thus, this laser system is considered to be a solution for the emission of pulsed and ultrashort-pulsed laser beam radiation. The thing is that the present version is developed for 5 kW laser beam radiation with 800 fs pulses from two amplifier stages. The power radiation is planned to increase up to 10 kW by using a thin disk amplifier stage.
It should be noted that the concept of a coherent combination of fiber laser beams has been also developed. According to the concept, “almost-identical fiber amplifiers are pumped by one seed laser system and they then generate amplified laser beams in parallel. With optimal spatial and temporal overlap, these beams can be combined with 96% combining efficiency.” The fiber laser has been already tested and demonstrated 10.4 kW of compressed average power with 240 fs pulses.
Additionally, the researchers pay their attention to process technology to promote the efficient application of such high powers resulting in the development of high-speed polygon scanners that improve laser beam deflecting and splitting schemes. To be more precise, the process of splitting off a multikilowatt laser beam into arrays of more than 100 identical but shaped laser beamlets allows performing high-throughput micromachining.
Finally, fiber laser technology promotes the application labs where the new high-power laser systems are affordable for tests including both sources and process technology. If you are searching for highly precise fiber laser systems suitable for various applications, you should choose the Optromix company.
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