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High-energy fiber laser weapon for the U.S. Army

The U.S. Army is holding final tests with the high-energy fiber laser weapon. This fiber laser weapon can be used against rockets, drones, etc. These fiber lasers are installed on military vehicles. They have been already participating during the combat with various possible scenarios. It is expected that the first platoon with these new fiber laser systems will be implemented into the army in 2022. 
From the very beginning, fiber lasers were considered to be more a part of science fiction. They were first invented in the 1960s. Year by year scientists could create more high-power fiber laser systems while making them smaller. It gives an opportunity to apply laser modules in a tactical environment and to reduce the space for them.  
Thanks to all the improvements, fiber laser technology became one of the most developed modern spheres that can be applied in almost every field. The military is not the exception. For example, the Navy currently has a program that has a goal to install a fiber laser weapon on a destroyer. This system gives a revolutionary energy capability and optical dazzler technology to the combat system. It also can provide long-range Intelligence. As for the long-range Intelligence, they are presently testing the high-energy fiber laser system that could disable enemy drones. 
As you see, fiber laser weapons have become a reality for us. It would be useful as a weapon on the battlefield of the future. It has been rapidly developed in the last few decades because of the rising threats of armed drones, rocket barrages, etc. Moreover, the timeline for the reaction to such threats is strongly restricted. That’s why it was really important to develop a compact and powerful fiber laser system that could react in several seconds. 
It was a great challenge for engineers to create a laser module that has enough power to take out a mortar shell from a mile away. It is possible thanks to the technology where many outputs of laser beams are combined in a single high-power laser beam
So fiber lasers provide deadliness against unmanned aircraft systems and artillery. They help to increase the Army’s air and missile defense capability. At the same time, fiber lasers reduce system life cycle at a total by reduced logistical demand. That’s why there is a plan to introduce four battalions of fiber laser-equipped systems by 2022.
In fact, It isn’t a final step for laser modules for military purposes. The Army is also currently working on a more powerful 300 kW laser module that would be mounted on a truck. According to the plan, we can see it in use in 2024. This laser module would be powerful enough to put cruise missiles out of action.
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