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Fiber lasers for production applications

The use of fiber laser systems for production applications is growing as on price per watt, beam quality, and electrical consumption fiber lasers provide the highest performance and lowest costs. The applications of fiber laser systems are constantly expanding – from traditional cutting and welding to more advanced 3D printing and surface texturing.
Laser technology is widely used in cutting, drilling, welding, drilling, etc. Fiber lasers provide high power and accuracy to these applications while maintaining low maintenance costs. Most fiber laser manufacturers provide a wide range of products that are designed according to the needs of a specific area of fiber laser applications. The ability to manufacture custom fiber laser systems is crucial for some applications that require very specific laser power, wavelength, etc.
Another emerging application of fiber laser systems is surface texturing – the process of increasing the grip of an item’s surface grip qualities with the use of a fiber laser. Surface texturing is mainly used to create medical tools that pick up less fluid and debris. It is especially important to mark implants for tracking and add textures that aid in implant acceptance. Femtosecond fiber lasers provide numerous advantages to this application and are becoming increasingly more popular for surface texturing of medical devices as fiber lasers are able to cut more intricate patterns with sharp edges.
The 3D printing industry has had a significant impact on the laser market as lasers are used as a primary heat source in the process. Lasers may be used to build up a component layer by layer in laser metal fusion. Recent developments in the laser industry have allowed for a laser metal deposition which provides the ability to add volume and structures to existing parts.
Optromix Inc., headquartered in Cambridge, MA, USA, is a manufacturer of laser technologies, optical fiber sensors, and optical monitoring systems.
We develop and manufacture a broad variety of Fiber lasers, СО 2 lasers, Ti: Sapphire lasers, Dye lasers, and Excimer Lasers. We offer simple Erbium laser and Ytterbium laser products, as well as sophisticated laser systems with unique characteristics, based on the client’s inquiry.
We manufacture lasers using our own technologies based on the advanced research work and patents of international R&D team. Laser processes are high quality, high precision, easily-automated manufacturing solutions that provide repeatability and flexibility.