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Fiber lasers for military applications

Lasers, including fiber laser systems, are already widely used in a variety of applications in the military. Fiber lasers are used in LIDAR systems for accurate and precise construction of high-resolution maps, laser guidance, airborne laser swath mapping, laser altimetry. The most common fiber lasers that are used for high-resolution mapping are 1550 nm fiber lasers as they are eye-safe at high power levels and precise. They provide accurate images over long distances which makes them an ideal solution for mapping and laser guidance.
Lasers are also envisioned to be used as weapons during live combat in the future. There are multiple laser-based weapon prototypes that are being developed and tested, some of which have already proven to be effective at slaying military drones. The reason behind the efforts to develop laser-based weapon systems is multiple advantages that laser systems offer. Laser-based systems will not require ammunition; instead, they rely on power. An important advantage of laser systems is their high power level and high speed; these characteristics allow for effective combat performance. Lasers are also silent and invisible which is important for stealth operations. However, there are still challenges with the development of laser-based weapons, one of them being the design of a laser system that is compact enough to be used in live combat situations. To be practical, lasers need to be compact, lightweight, and transportable.
Laser weapons work by applying intense heat to the target, destroying or damaging it. High power fiber lasers are needed to produce enough heat. The most recent laser weapons utilize fiber lasers that can be easily adjusted by adding or removing individual lasers from the combined beam.
Fiber lasers are at the forefront of not only military applications, but many other areas, like photomask repairing, micromachining, LIDAR, optic sensing, etc. It is important to find the right fiber laser vendor that is able to manufacture fiber laser systems for a specific purpose.
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