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Fiber lasers for deep metal etching

Deep etching in metal is vital for numerous applications, some of which include oil and gas exploration, gun and fire arms manufacturing, aerospace, pipe lines, infrastructure projects where metal is used, etc. In most of these applications, the etching metal parts are marked to depth exceeding 0.254 mm. This depth is justified by the need of the serial number, date of manufacture, part number to be hard to remove without the metal part breaking. The printed information needs to survive time, elements like water, heat and cold, oil and gas leaks, collapse of a bridge, etc.
Fiber lasers are considered to be the fastest, easiest, least expensive and most beneficial way of deep metal engraving for most industrial applications. The deep metal etching is achieved with high power fiber lasers that are able to cut deeper into the metal at faster speeds. The latest developments of fiber optic technology allow fiber lasers to be controlled during operation, which provides opportunities for wobble features.
There are numerous advantages of fiber laser deep metal etching:

  • The use of fiber lasers for metal etching reduces metal fatigue;
  • The requirements regarding depth and permanence of metal parts identification are easily complied;
  • The costs of deep metal etching are reduced;
  • Fiber laser deep metal etching is eco-friendly.

For the past several decades, CO2 lasers and YAG lasers have been used in laser cutting, etching and engraving applications. However, these lasers are being actively replaced by fiber laser systems as they perform much better at a lower cost. Their rising popularity is explained by their better working parameters, high energy efficiency, fault tolerance and durability. Fiber lasers are currently used in many laser welding, cutting and engraving applications and will soon replace all CO2 laser systems.
Optromix is a fiber laser vendor that focuses on the development of single frequency fiber laser systems. We manufacture lasers using our own technologies based on the advanced research work and patents of international R&D team.Laser processes are high quality, high precision, easily-automated manufacturing solutions that provide repeatability and flexibility.
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