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Fiber lasers for aesthetic treatments

It is not a secret that fiber lasers have rapidly become one of the most popular instruments, thanks to all the benefits they offer. They have influenced many spheres such as industry, science, and so on. That fact has ensured their fast development. And medicine is no exception.

Fiber Lasers’ medicine applications

Laser modules have found many implementations in medicine, starting from diagnosis and ending with micro-cutting applications in surgery. Thanks to the development of fiber laser technology, medical procedures became easier both for the personnel and patients in urology, spinal surgery, brain tissue treatment, ophthalmology, etc. 
When the first fiber laser was designed, its commercial availability made it possible to use it in many spheres. They were in high demand because it was clear that the healthcare system needed some improvements. That’s why fiber laser technology had achieved tremendous growth in advancement and innovations.

Moreover, fiber lasers have got other applications like aesthetic treatments. They are widely applied in skin resurfacing or tattoo removal, where high-energy lasers are required. Previously, CO2 lasers were mostly used for these purposes. However, recent studies have demonstrated fiber lasers‘ effectiveness as well. The usage of fiber lasers in plastic surgery and cosmetic treatment provided lower risk and excellent results. Patients choose them because this method is non-invasive and doesn’t require post-treatment recovery time.
All in all, fiber lasers are considered to be one-of-a-kind light sources because of their numerous advantages in performance. 

Fiber Lasers advantages

Fiber Lasers‘ universality helps them to be very effective in a number of spheres simultaneously. Here are their main advantages:

  • high level of precision;
  • contactless process;
  • compact size;
  • high efficiency; 
  • high laser beam quality;
  • cost-effectiveness, etc. 

In conclusion, we can say that thanks to the numerous researches, fiber lasers have got a wide range of diversification. Nowadays, they can differ due to their operating modes, energy levels, wavelengths, etc. So scientists see them as a future instrument in further medicine modernization. 
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