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Fiber laser systems with an oscillating head

The application of laser systems is widespread when it comes to the welding process. Specialists claim that fiber lasers will soon replace traditional welding technologies. Herewith, the diode-pumped fiber laser systems are most popular due to their low-cost, including the ongoing cost of maintenance, spare parts, and environmentally friendly.
To be more precise, continuous-wave laser systems allow for transmitting continuous laser beam lights that are very appreciated in welding. The combination of fiber laser with the right optics makes the size of the laser beam more focused, for example, a 51μm diameter spot that is 10x smaller than those of pulsed laser system.
Fiber laser systems with an oscillating head provide better welds applying mirrors that can handle high power laser beams of 1.5kW. The benefits of lasers with an oscillating head help to achieve high power density that can melt most metal materials and even vaporize them if needed.
Therefore, there are two types of welds: conduction limited and keyhole welding. Additionally, the molten pool interacts with the beam of the fiber laser resulting in inefficient welds when left uncontrolled. The problem appears in deep and narrow keyhole welding, as well as in small welds.
Moreover, plasma formation can also influence the laser beam and leads to scattering effects that degrade welds. The solution to the problem requires the opinions of specialists. It should be noted that such effects as thermal lens focusing or reflection focusing on the molten pool can lead to a temperature increase in the laser system.
Herewith, “when a gas is heated to a high temperature it can be ionized and turn into a plasma, where metal vapor and dust can be aggregated which generates a “plasma ball” scattering the incoming laser beam in multiple directions.” This fact also decreases the quality of the fiber laser system.
Finally, fiber laser technology is considered to be very flexible compared to fixed fiber optics. It allows for controlling weld depth and width independently. It supposes careful attention to such parameters as power, amplitude, frequency, and average speed. Herewith, low heat distortion plays a crucial role in laser systems.
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