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Fiber laser systems offer simple solutions

Nowadays there is a strong necessity to design an effective protection system that allows eliminating airborne incendiary devices. The thing is that balloons with attached incendiary materials, explosives and munitions present a great threat because with them it is possible to burn fields, destroy plants and animal life and endanger civilians and soldiers. The possible solution to the problem is the use of fiber laser systems.
To be more precise, laser systems are considered to become a perfect solution that enables to remove the threat of balloons and drones as well as even precision missiles. Although the balloons or kites moved across the border are pushed by the wind at a speed predominantly slower than the speed of sound, the speed of the laser beams is regarded as much faster (even equal to the light speed).
Therefore, fiber laser systems allow shooting down the incendiary balloons by high-quality laser beam in an enemy territory within a short time, with high certainty and high accuracy, without damaging the children who have been moved to fly the balloons. Moreover, compared to conventional solutions, weapons based on fiber laser technology are considered to offer more efficiency and accuracy, herewith, the economic cost of applying laser systems is quite low in contrast to the high cost of bullets.
It should be noted that Israel was the first developer of laser beam weapons against Qassams and missiles. Thus, Israelian researchers developed laser systems in 1996 to protect the territory. Nevertheless, despite the great results, the fiber laser technology was not ideal enough and required future improvements. Nowadays the increased manufacturing of high-speed and accurate missiles in large quantities leads to an urgent necessity in the improvement and creation of weapons based on fiber laser technology.
Finally, such laser systems play a crucial role because there is no substitute for them in the meantime. Additionally, the researchers confirm that they can overcome the challenges, for instance, when the effectiveness of fiber laser systems reduces under bad weather and atmospheric conditions and on rainy and cloudy days resulting in highly efficient protection.
That is why there is a current requirement to design powerful fiber lasers and to combine them with modern kinetic systems. The government of Israel plans to remove the threat of the tunnels by designing, developing and manufacturing energy weapon systems of the fiber laser.
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