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Fiber laser systems kill bacteria in the human body

Recently, scientists have developed new fiber laser systems that can kill bacterial superbugs and spores. The bacteria that can threaten human life get used to any medicine, including antibiotics. This fact made developers look for other ways of treatment. And for some applications, the alternative can be a special ultrashort-pulse fiber laser.

Fiber laser systems kill bacteria

Fiber laser modules’ effects

Researchers from the United States have discovered that fiber lasers that emit ultrashort pulses of light are able to eliminate bacteria resistant to drugs. Scientists explored the ultrashort-pulse lasers’ germicidal characteristics and found out that fiber laser modules are able to inactivate such bacteria and viruses without destroying human cells. They used the most common viruses and bacteria to look at the effect of the lasers on them. Among them are those which cause infections of the skin, or different organs, urinary tract infections, and wound infections. Researchers also took various types of spores that cause food spoilage and food poisoning. Some of them withstand cooking and boiling.

All bacteria and viruses include protein structures. The ultrashort-pulse fiber laser makes these structures vibrate until their molecular bonds break. As a result, there are incorrect linkages between protein structures that lead to a halt of normal protein function.

In fact, to achieve the desired results the scientists have to provide accurate laser power. To get viruses and bacteria inactivated there should be different laser powers. But if these power limits are higher, the laser starts killing human cells. So there is some power interval to destroy pathogens but reserving the human cells healthy.

Future of this fiber laser technology

Firstly, the developers see the future for this ultrashort-pulse fiber laser technology in inactivating pathogens and preserving human proteins and cells at the same time. With the help of this technology, it would be possible to disinfect a surgical wound with a laser beam, or even to treat bloodstream infections. Moreover, this fiber laser technology can be applied as a replacement for chemicals like bleach or radiation because they can be damaging to people. Ultrashort-pulse fiber lasers can become a new way to provide safety to various biological or blood products.

According to the results, fiber lasers have killed about 99.9% of the target bacteria and reduced their quantity by 1,000 times. Moreover, such fiber lasers don’t harm human cells that can be applied in wound sterilization or disinfection.

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