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Fiber laser systems in jewelry manufacturing industry

All the time jewelry is an indispensable part of human life. Jewelry is a way of decoration for women who are looking toward beauty and fashion. For men jewelry was a mean of payment because it has been used instead of money and was a sign of wealth.
As far as almost all jewelry is made of precious materials such as gold, silver, diamond etc., accurate and high quality manufacturing is necessary. Nowadays modern fiber laser technology advances jewelry industry and makes the process of its manufacturing easier.
Fiber laser systems have a great range of advantages:

  • it is reliable and low-cost technology;
  • fiber lasers ensure accurate cutting and quite high edge quality;
  • laser modules can cut complex shapes in a short time;
  • they have a high production ability;
  • laser systems meet all the manufacturing requirements.

The variety of metal materials for jewelry industry is not limited thanks to fiber laser technology. It is possible to cut metals of different thickness and create complicated shapes. Laser systems provide high level of precision, cut flexibility and productive capacity. Moreover, the technology expands new possibilities for jewelry designers because now it is not obligatory to use just traditional cutting methods for creating of complex forms.
Also, laser welding systems are ideally suited for different metal joining and jewelry repair application. These lasers have small size, portable design, but high welding quality. An additional point is that this type of fiber lasers is easy to use and its design allows reducing the price so even small companies can afford it.
Moreover, jewelry manufacturers quite often use fiber laser modules as marking machines with a great number of particular advantages that include:

  • ability of marking, etching and engraving different kinds of patterns, alphanumeric codes and even images;
  • no need for contact processing that allows saving metal;
  • long-lasting use of the marked patterns;
  • flexible marking technique of fiber laser systems;
  • short time period of processing

It should be mentioned that fiber laser systems are more advantageous than conventional CO2 lasers and replace them at the industry market because they ensure a lot of benefits such as faster metal processing, higher efficiency, high beam quality, low maintenance costs, ability to process highly reflective materials such as copper etc.
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