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Fiber laser systems for marking business

The technology of marking on items is regarded as one of the oldest since our ancestors put various markings and engravings on rocks and bones half a million years ago. Nevertheless, nowadays marking technique performed by modern fiber laser systems remains an essential aspect of a business.
It should be noted that the first pneumatic device for marking was designed in the U.S. in 1973. It allowed people to understand the importance and vital application of marking to a business resulting in the fiber laser marking area. First laser systems were used for marking and engraving on metal. They offered low energy transfer efficiency and had huge size, that is why they were soon replaced by the diode-pumped laser technology for marking.
The new laser system offers such benefits as compactness and efficiency over the previous generation leading to the use in numerous scientific applications. Nonetheless, this marking machine was also improved and the fiber laser sourced marking machine has appeared. The fiber laser technology is widely used for marking and personalization in most industries due to their accuracy, higher cost-performance ratio, and extensive application on sophisticated parts.
Additionally, there are laser system machines for marking non-metal products. For instance, CO2 fiber lasers can be used for these purposes. To be more precise, “the marking industry has been advancing with the enterprises and becoming one of the essential parts for companies, especially those in industrial and manufacturing areas”.
Thus, all business sectors can take advantage of marking by fiber laser systems. For example, fiber laser technology provides high quality marking that is considered to be the biggest benefit over other marking techniques. The laser beam has a smaller size than physical engraving, herewith, the laser system is controlled by a computer, therefore, increasing significantly the accuracy. Modern fiber laser systems for marking enable to produce complex forms, making small figures and text more readable.
Moreover, fiber laser marking allows every business to make their product unique to increase sales and promote better brand recall and loyalty. CO2 fiber lasers for non-metal materials help engraving unique text, graphics and barcode to distinguish your products from the others since personalization plays a crucial role for businesses now.
Finally, the ability of fiber laser systems to penetrate and engrave is another great benefit of laser marking because they favor reducing not only time but costs in manufacturing as well. Herewith, the quality and durability are not lost during the process of laser system marking.
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