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Fiber laser systems change the world

Numerous quantum laser technologies imply the application of narrow-linewidth tunable diode lasers, amplified and frequency-doubled laser systems, frequency combs, and wavelength meters. Fiber lasers play a crucial role in quantum technologies. For instance, the laser systems are considered to be a product of the first quantum revolution but their use is not limited to just optical quantum technologies. The fiber laser systems are widely utilized in numerous quantum setups.
It should be noted that laser beam light sources create the basis for quantum networks, i.e. “photons are regarded as the natural carriers of quantum states over long distances.” Laser systems are important in the production of such devices as quantum computers, quantum sensors, and optical clocks. To be more precise, fiber laser technology offers total control over all degrees of freedom of the laser beam light, quite often at the quantum limit resulting in an incredible way to start, manipulate and read out various quantum tools.
Additionally, laser systems provide such qualities as wavelength, linewidth, power, polarization, temporal, and spatial laser beam profile. Nevertheless, a single frequency fiber laser system is not always suitable for several applications. For example, two phase-locked laser systems allow operating transitions in atoms that a single fiber laser could not manage. Herewith, the laser beams can be applied as optical traps in order to direct the movement of the atoms. One more application includes cooling atoms as far as to the absolute ground state, required in total control over the spectral qualities.
Moreover, high-powered laser beams are essential when scaling quantum computers where it is necessary to address individually each ion. Fiber laser systems are perfect in operation with optical amplifiers, for example, semiconductor-based tapered amplifiers, and spectral qualities provided by laser technology enable to inherit them. “Therefore, starting from a single laser system that is tailored to offer the required, very specific spectral qualities, laser beam splitting and concatenation of tapered amplifiers provides the necessary scalability.”
It is not surprising that numerous setups need for several fiber laser systems (some a dozen of them), all with various properties taking into account the relevance and versatility of lasers for quantum technologies. Nonetheless, some applications of quantum computers require few laser systems of the same type in one setup, increasing the whole number to tens of lasers.
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