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Fiber laser market in 2020 and its forecasts for this year

Each year scientists from all over the world are working on the ultrashort-pulse fiber lasers advancement. Thanks to modern fiber laser technology, fiber lasers are able to process different kinds of materials including transparent ones like glass applied in industrial manufacturing. Fiber lasers have already made a significant contribution in various spheres as medical technology, aerospace, etc.
In this article, there is a short review of the fiber laser market development. According to the last fiber laser market report, the fiber lasers‘ world market in 2020 accomplished 51% of an estimated $4.3 billion total. In this segment, the fiber lasers are applied in different materials processing. In 2017, there were only 43% for fiber lasers. However, analytics could observe a significant growth rate because of the greatly decreased selling price. But thanks to the lower price, the volume of the sold units considerably increased.
Analysts predicted that in 2020 there would be a 4% increase in total fiber laser revenues that are used for material processing. According to the other source, in 2020, fiber lasers for material processing reached 53% of the total. Despite the slight differences, these two points of view agreed that fiber laser systems sales represent the majority of the industrial material processing market. Most of all, these were expenses of CO2 lasers that didn’t demonstrate an annual growth rate increase. 
For solid-state lasers, we can also observe a considerable annual growth rate in sales that is more than 2% in 2020 and 4% this year. Such an increase can be explained by the growing number of ultrashort-pulse laser suppliers. They represent a diversified market for a variety of such products.
These lasers having ultra-high intensities and nonlinear material interactions are improving. It allows the processing of transparent materials, for example, glass with the help of multiphoton absorption and self-focusing. 
Obviously, it is hard to give strict predictions for the fiber laser market in 2021 because of the different unpredictable events that might also happen. For example, trade tariffs that were imposed on goods imported into the USA from China or lockdown. However, both these situations had not a great impact on the fiber laser technology market. According to the report, the fiber laser sensing market has grown to over $2 billion in the last few years.
As for the materials processing, the fiber lasers market seems to recover quickly from the consequences of the lockdown and return to normal. Despite the fact that trade tariffs demonstrated a larger negative effect on them in comparison with the pandemic.
As a result, despite the fact that 2020 was difficult for the fiber laser system market, it could get through it and recover the rates to normal levels. So market specialists predict that 2021 will be a strong year for fiber laser sales.
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