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Femtosecond fiber lasers: advantages and applications

Fiber lasers are lasers that have an active medium is made up of an optical fiber which is doped with special rare-earth components like ytterbium, erbium, dysprosium, etc. A huge bandwidth and effectiveness of these components allow for a cheaper and more compact fiber laser components. This, in turn, allows the production of moderately cheap fiber lasers. Fiber lasers have a variety of applications, such as nonlinear imaging, microscopy, tissue ablation, micro and nanosurgery, etc.
Fiber lasers offer multiple advantages that are often crucial for certain applications and determine the popularity of fiber lasers. Fiber lasers offer an extraordinary surface-to-volume ratio. Fiber optic technology has been rapidly developing for the past 30 years, resulting in a significant progress in the field of fiber lasers. Lasers based on the fiber optic technology have been renovated into multimode- and single varieties with ultraviolet to far-infrared wavelengths that display high-power levels, adjustable repetition rate, and short pulse duration that is present in femtosecond fiber lasers.
Generally, femtosecond fiber lasers operate at wavelengths from 1.0 μm and 1.5 μm. Femtosecond fiber lasers, like other types of fiber lasers, offer lower cost of ownership, eco-friendly technology, high beam quality. These qualities make femtosecond fiber lasers highly desirable for multiple fields of application. The growing trend of green engineering through multiple industries has made these lasers a smart choice for marking and cutting applications. Fiber lasers are easy to automate and are energy proficient, which makes them a better substitute for traditional means of marking, such as ink based printing and chemical etching.
Optromix is a fiber laser vendor that develops and produces femtosecond fiber lasers. Optromix provides world-class laser systems and it is our highest priority to deliver the best quality products to our clients. Our main specialization is manufacturing single frequency fiber lasers.
We manufacture fiber laser systems in a wide range of wavelengths: СО2 lasers (9,2 µm – 10,8 µm); Erbium laser (1532-1585 nm), Ytterbium laser (1030-1110 nm), and subsequent harmonics (near infrared fiber laser 770 -790) nm, green fiber laser 515 – 561 nm, UV fiber laser 257.5 nm); Ti:Sapphire and dye lasers in a wide range of tunable wavelengths (285 – 350 nm, 350-525 nm, 695 – 780 nm, 850 – 950 nm, 950 – 1050 nm); Excimer lasers (193, 248, 308 nm).
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