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Early detection of natural disasters by laser systems

Natural disasters are considered to be horrifying because they often cause numerous deaths that is why researchers all around the world look for the way of preventing or prepare for the events. Thus, a group of scientists from the USA has developed a new early-detecting system that is potentially able to forecast various natural disasters by using laser system technology.
Despite the fact that this laser system is still in the preliminary phase, it was tested and the system based on laser technology predicted a tornado appearing half an hour before. Another laser application of the system is the data collection about earthquakes that consequently lead to better constructions.
Moreover, the laser system enables to measure volcanic eruptions and hurricanes appearing in remote areas that might influence air traffic. Therefore, the laser technology ability of early detection may allow reducing the damage from natural disasters because building codes often disregard the ground rotation effects.
It should be noted that the operation of the laser system is based on the use of a ringed laser interferometer, where a laser beam of high quality is split into two parts that enable to identify sources of infrasound (both atmospheric and geological). To be more precise, a plasma tube in the ring fiber laser produces a laser beam in both a clockwise and counterclockwise direction.
In the case of clockwise rotating of laser system cavity, more time for a photon moving is required to overcome the circumference of the cavity. Otherwise, less time is necessary, but the speed of light produced by a laser beam remains constant. Also, it should be noted that the combination of the clockwise and counterclockwise laser beams produces a ‘beat note’ that is proportional to the rotation of the Earth. Finally, a horizontal ring laser system installed away from the equator will carry out the measurements of its rotation.
Besides tornado early detection, ring laser systems are also able to identify infrasound from hurricanes and volcanoes. The thing is that ash resulting from volcanic eruptions may destroy jet engines, that is why the possibility of laser system technology to identify volcanic eruptions in relatively remote places like the Aleutian Islands could ensure the safety of commercial aircraft that periodically fly over the region.
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