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Direct diode laser technology in the metal cutting industry

The laser system is a universal technology that is ideally fit for numerous areas of application. The metal cutting industry is the number one user of laser technologies for material cut with lasers. Today such industries use about 100 types of different metals worldwide and practically all types of lasers are able to manage with them.
Laser technology allows cutting metal easily and effectively. Moreover, new lasers meet growing demand from customers, enable to reduce costs and provide quality and safety of the highest level. Recently, direct diode laser or DDL was developed and its discovery has greatly changed the method of cutting.
The thing is that the direct diode laser system demonstrates impressing results in the metal laser cutter industry. In spite of the fact that not everyone knows what it actually is, the principle of its operation, however, the laser technology has quickly gained such popularity.
It should be mentioned that the operation principle of the direct diode laser is based on the use of diodes directly. Herewith, the system is being changed by the doped fiber system that could be found in fiber laser technologies. This improvement makes the DDL system more cost-effective.
Moreover, this laser system has other benefits such as:

  • high level of reliability;
  • compact size;
  • remarkably premium laser beam quality.

High level of laser beam quality is provided by programmed loading and unloading materials into storage. In addition, for the metal cutting industry speed plays a crucial role because most of the laser cutting machines are made of more lightweight aluminum and new diode laser provides it.
DDL system uses diodes directly with the aim of the metal cutting process. Herein, the diode laser removes the middle process of different other laser cutters. Moreover, the main application of the diode laser system is the use only for cutting thin materials thanks to low electrical power.
Nevertheless, the latest improvements allow increasing the electrical power up to 8000 watts, and consequently, it is possible to cut through heavier and thicker metals. Thus, the direct diode laser is considered to be more advantageous than disc, CO2, and fiber laser system.
It should be mentioned that the DDL system is able to cut metal 15% faster for almost all applications, and offers a 30% faster-cutting speed over aluminum materials. However, now fiber laser systems remain the most popular and cheap way for the metal cutting industry.
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