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CW fiber laser modules for OEM integration

Optromix Company offers CW fiber laser modules for OEM integration: single mode green and single frequency fiber laser modules. The laser module is particularly suited for OEM system integration when a compact design and remote beam delivery are critical factors. The laser part and the optical head can be ordered separately, which offers high flexibility to the customer in designing a laser projection system.
The module includes fully integrated laser control electronics, as well as continuous monitoring of the laser performance.
The single frequency fiber laser module is available in two different laser versions, Erbius-SF and Irybus-SF. Moreover, the laser offers a wide thermal wavelength tuning range and can be combined with fast wavelength modulation e.g. for external stabilization. The single frequency fiber laser modules key parameter is an ultra-narrow linewidth (< 100 kHz) based on the longitudinal single mode.
The typical applications include atomic trapping and cooling, optical sensing, spectroscopy and structural health monitoring. Furthermore, the low-intensity noise of the lasers combined with the high spectral stability makes them ideal as sources for  LIDAR systems used for the wind turbine and aerospace industry.
Green laser module Celius-NL at 515-561 nm are made features of ultra compact, low cost and easy operating, which are the perfect choice for design in and integration into OEM instrumentation and systems, and also for end-user applications in scientific research, holography, flow cytometry, medical treatment and industrial development.