Fiber lasers for sensing as a part of a measurement

Specialists have developed new measurement solutions for highly effective manufacturing processes. Their whole design is based on the range of fiber lasers for sensing. The latest fiber laser design of a measuring mechanism allows gaging the inner geometric parameters of the cylindrical steel bands. That function is commonly used in the tire industry for non-contact measurement of steel band rims. This construction can be easily installed on the conveyor for more effective work.

The other function of this machine is that it can be used for creating 3D modeling with the help of fiber laser systems. The mechanism consists of a two-axis motion system that rotates fiber lasers for sensing. That creates a radial 3D scanning frame inside the steel belt. The laser beam allows getting the data about the measured parameters like height, diameter, roundness, chamber width, angle, etc.

The mechanical hardware contains the mounting frame, housing with interfacing connectors, and fieldbus. Fiber lasers for sensing connect a fiber laser module with the probe software and as well with the PLC. The probe software and the fiber laser module are unified to provide all necessary data. The data can be used to display the graphical information about a measured component. Moreover, it provides a file output that can be used in further analysis. The system is suitable for both vertical or horizontal orientation as the customer needs.

The finally developed construction also includes other options with other fiber laser systems. They are used as sub-systems for multiple measurements of different customers’ units, usually as part of manufacturing processes. The different specimens with fiber laser systems constitute fully machine integrated systems, for instance, for welding lines and automated assembly measuring length, diameter, thickness, etc. The rest systems allow manual operation with hand controls or mouse activation to record the results of measurement and display them in real size or as a model. 
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